About Us

Everything about NowSquare

What we do

NowSquare is specialized in custom websites and web applications. Secure, fast, easy and above all fun to use.

Technologies we use

We use proven and widely used technologies like PHP and MySQL. On top of that we use various modern frameworks and front-end libraries.

Why choose us?

With many years of experience we can guarantee fast delivery and good quality. We believe in a personal approach.

Founder & Lead Developer

Sem Kokhuis

Sem Kokhuis started creating scripts under the name NowSquare in 2012 and has sold hundreds of copies worldwide since then. Always focused on mobile and interactive content solutions, and later also scalable SaaS (multi-user) applications.

Content management in various forms has always fascinated Sem. Enable users to create professional content without any technical knowledge, so that they can make the most of their business.