Ο ευκολότερος τρόπος αποστολής notifications στα Android τηλέφωνα χωρίς την χρήση εφαρμογής.

Διαχείριση πολλών πελατών white label. Κερδίστε χρήματα πουλώντας beacons και/ή υπηρεσίες.

Nearby Notification

Notifications με την Nearby πλατφόρμα

Get beacons

Βρείτε μια λίστα με beacon κατασκευαστές on the dashboard.

Δημιουργήστε μια καμπάνια

Δημιουργία περιεχομένου με το tools we provide.

Deploy & analyze

Αναπτύξτε τα beacons σχετικά με την τοποθεσία και μετρήστε την απόκριση.

Κοντινή Διαχείριση περιεχομένου

A brand new way to engage with people on venues and events. Send notifications to Android phones without the need of an app. Broadcast digital business cards. Get passers-by to visit your store. Easily provide multi-language context to objects in museums and expos. Get the attention of potential job candidates who are visiting certain restaurants and bars. Advertise your taxi business at a bus stop.

Explore the many ways you can use the power of Bluetooth beacons to achieve your goal.

Beacons are small boxes that transmit a Bluetooth signal that can be received by mobile phones. They can be placed both indoors and outdoors, and can have a range of more than one hundred meters. The Eddystone protocol is developed by Google, and vendors like BlueCats manufacture and sell Eddystone beacons.

The Nearby Platform is a Location Marketing CMS for Eddystone beacons and Nearby Notifications. To easily create and broadcast content such as deals, business cards and videos.