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Frequently Asked Questions


When the payment is received you will automatically be invited to the NowSquare Gitlab account to get access to the script(s) you've purchased.

If you want to update after the month you had access to the Gitlab repository, you can buy an upgrade for 40% of the original price as long as the product is on the same major version (e.g. 2.x).

Major updates (e.g. from 2.x to 3.x) are not backwards compatible and require a new license. Existing customers get a 20% discount. Customers who bought a license less than 6 months before the new release get a 40% discount.

As long as your an active member of the Gitlab repository, you can ask questions at the appropriate repo. There is no free consultancy included by mail or otherwise.

One license grants you the right to install a script on one server (VPS, cluster or other cloud setup) and have unlimited user registrations (in case the script is multi-user).

Yes, all products and versions can be branded with your own logo and name.

The code is unencrypted and you're free to modify.

The code is clear, but there's no full code documentation explaining every feature and function. While you're free to modify it, we don't provide free support for that.

Pulse Platform

Yes, the Pulse Platform works with every Bluetooth device that supports the iBeacon protocol.

Yes, you can create as many apps as you want with the same endpoint. Users and resellers can use one generic app, or have their own.

There are local push notifications for scenario triggers. For example, when someone enters a geo-fence or encounters an iBeacon. If you want push notifications which can be sent at any time, you will have to this integrate yourself.

In order to understand this question, you need to know how Eddystones work.

An Eddystone beacon has three modes (

  1. UID mode which enables you to attach data to a beacon through the Google platform. Instead of storing data in your app, it's stored in the Google cloud.
  2. EID mode, same as UID but better security so you can control who can can use the beacon,
  3. URL mode which broadcasts a url. And since you can broadcast any url, you can create a landing page or mobile site and broadcast its url with an Eddystone.

URL Eddystones require no app and can be configured like this:

But in order to support UID/EID Eddystones, you need a use case for which it makes sense to use those beacons. And currently there is no such feature in the platform.

Resellers can have their own domain where users can register. They can sell subscriptions for the same price as the master account. There's no option for resellers to manage their own pricing, but with Avangate you can give them an affiliate share. Resellers only see their own users. The system owner can see all users, also users from resellers.

Mobile Platform

No, it is a Mobile Site Builder in the first place. There is an experimental PhoneGap API connection, but it can't be trusted and is only included for companies who have the knowledge to elaborate on it. If you're looking for an App Builder, this project is not for you.

Push notifications require a native app. Since it's a Mobile Site Builder, there is no possibility to send push notifications.