Frequently asked questions

When the payment is received, you will automatically receive an invitation for the NowSquare Gitlab account to get access to the script(s) you've purchased.

You have access to updates as long as your a member of the Gitlab repository. By default you will get access for 6 months. During this period you can easily update by entering git pull origin master in your CLI. Or download the latest version as a Zip file.

As long as your an active member of the Gitlab repository, you can ask questions at We strive to give adequate answers as soon as possible, but in the first instance we only provide support on bugs and usage issues that prevent working of the system. No consultancy on how to develop your own features.

Showstoppers will always be resolved, but non-critical bugs reported after the support period require an active license. Due to the complexity of the software and the large code base, it's inevitable there will be issues. Third party requirements may change outside our control, so if you experience issues that have been fixed after your subscription, you will have to buy an update.

Support has to be reasonable and fair. We can't support you with setting up any kind of hardware, or implementing or usage of third party features. When starting a business, you need to invest time yourself. We can only keep the price low because we don't provide personal help. This would cost our regular hourly rate.

Yes, all products can be branded with your own logo and name, and installed on your own server and domain, if applicable.

One license allows you to install a script on one server (VPS, cluster or other cloud setup) and have unlimited user registrations.

One Proximity App license allows you to build / compile one app. Multiple apps require multiple licenses, also if you modify the source code.

Yes, if you have the knowledge. All PHP code is unencrypted and you're free to modify everything. All PHP is included. Build files for client-side scripting can be bought separately.

If Eddystone Nearby Notifications don't show up, make sure you verify the following:

  • The beacon battery is charged.
  • The beacon is transmitting the Eddystone UID protocol (you can do this with the vendor's app).
  • The user's phone has Bluetooth turned on.
  • Make sure the url of the Nearby Notification is SSL (https NOT http).
  • Make sure the phone you test on has the same language as selected at the notification.
  • Make sure the url is reachable.
  • Make sure the content of the url does not conflict with Google terms.


  • Turning Bluetooth off and on again sometimes solves the issue, this seems some kind of Google cache issue.
  • Google has an unknown algorithm to decide whether a Nearby Notification is shown. If a user gets a Nearby Notification each day, but doesn't open it, it tends to get hidden. Because Google wants to provide useful content, and appearently the user is not interested in the notification.

Finally, verify if the entry in the Google Beacon Platform is correct. There should be a Nearby Notification attachment. The Landing Framework only uses the Google Beacon Platform's API, and has no control over whether Nearby Notifications are shown. The Landing Framework is only responsible for adding the Eddystone beacon entry and Nearby Notification to the Google Beacon Platform.