When the payment is received, you will automatically receive an invitation for the NowSquare Gitlab account to get access to the script(s) you've purchased.

    You have access to updates as long as your a member of the Gitlab repository. By default you will get access for 6 months. During this period you can easily update by entering git pull origin master in your CLI. Or download the latest version as a Zip file.

    As long as your an active member of the Gitlab repository, you can ask questions at the appropriate repo. We strive to give adequate answers as soon as possible, but we only provide support on bugs, installation and usage issues. Free consultancy on how to develop your own features is not included for free.

    Showstoppers will always be resolved, but regular bugs reported after the support period will not be resolved for free. Due to the complexity of the software and the large code base, it's inevitable there will be issues. Third party requirements may change outside our control, so if you experience issues that have been fixed after your subscription, you will have to buy an update.

    Support would be asking "Can you point me to the file where user registration is handled?", while consultancy is asking "How can I implement Facebook login?". We can't offer free in-depth help with modifications as we're a development company and that's our core business.

    One license grants you the right to install a script on one server (VPS, cluster or other cloud setup) and have unlimited user registrations (in case the script is multi-user).

    Yes, all products and versions can be branded with your own logo and name.

    No PHP code is encrypted and you're free to modify everything. All PHP is included. Build files for client-side scripting can be bought separately.

    If you wonder if it's easy, it's probably not easy for you.

    The code is clear, but there is no in-depth documentation explaining every feature and function. While you're free to modify everything, we can't provide free consultancy for that.