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Connect Aweber

Aweber integration

With the Aweber integration you can connect your Aweber account to the platform, and automatically add email members to your Aweber list. Go to Settings > Apps to connect your account. If you don't see the Aweber app, scroll down to Activate Aweber integration to activate the app.

Users from your application can link their Aweber account at Settings > Apps by clicking Connect account. When editing a form with the Form Builder, you can select an Aweber list from the connected account. Email addresses submitted with the form are automatically added to this list. The form will still behave as normal and leads will also appear at the Form entries page.

Form builder Aweber list

The form builder has a name type to expose the visitors name to the API. Edit a form and select it from the Type column.

Please note that Aweber doesn't allow adding role-based email addresses with its API:

Email addresses like info@, contact@ and support@ are not added to a list.

Activate Aweber integration

Configuration file

Open the file local/app/config/production/aweber.php. If this file doesn't exist, copy it from local/app/config/aweber.php. If it doesn't exist there, you should upgrade to the latest version.

Create Aweber App

You need a App ID, Consumer Key and Consumer Secret. In order to acquire those, you have to create an Aweber App. Get a free developer account at Sign in to your developer account, and click the Create A New App button. Fill in your details and hit the Create New App button.

New Aweber app

When the apps created, you can copy to details to the config file.

Aweber registered app