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Mobile Platform

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Every mobile site has a sitemap.xml in the root so search engines can crawl the main pages. However, this does not work (yet) for sub pages from the Events and Coupons widget. Also, some widgets may have content injected by AJAX which makes it impossible for search engines to index.

If you want to turn off this feature, you can set 'seo' => true to 'seo' => false in local/app/config/production/system.php. When disabled, urls will have no exclamation mark (!) and there will be no sitemap.xml.

 | SEO
 | Search Engine Optimization according to the Google _escaped_fragment_ manifest
 | Please note there're some widgets that can't be spidered because the content
 | is set with AJAX.

'seo' => true