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Mobile Platform

Add a language

Let's say you want to translate the system to Spanish. The locale in the example below would be "es" and the language locale would be "es_ES".

  1. Copy the directory /local/app/lang/en/ to /local/app/lang/[locale]/.
  2. Translate all files in the new /[locale]/ directory.
  3. Open /local/app/lang/[locale]/i18n.php and change:
    "language_title" => "[Name of the language, e.g. EspaƱol]",
    "language_code" => "[locale]",
    "intl_locale" => "[language_locale]",
  4. Repeat #1 and #2 for widgets: /widgets/[widget_name]/lang/.

Once done, a language dropdown will appear in the right top of the system.

More information on adding and configuring languages, can be found here.