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Mobile Platform

Adobe PhoneGap configuration

With the PhoneGap API it's possible to generate (unsigned) Android APK and Windows Phone XAP files.

Not all widgets are compatible, because native (hybrid) apps require a different approach than mobile sites. Also keep in mind most data is loaded remotely. For example, if you use the Photos widgets you will need to keep the mobile site active. If you delete it, the APK or XAP can't retrieve the photos anymore.

To activate the hybrid app features, open the file /app/config/production/phonegap.php. Here you can enter your PhoneGap username and password.

return array(

	| PhoneGap API
	| Your Phonegap credentials.

	'username'   => '',
	'password'   => ''


If you don't have a PhoneGap account, you can sign up here: With the free plan you are limited to one private app, with the paid account there's a 25 private app limitation. This means you will have to clean up generated apps every now and then. Unfortunately there's no other solution for now. A possible future solution would be to generate public apps. A public app needs to be pushed to Github first, so a Github API implementation would be required.