Landing Framework

Self-hosted landing pages and Nearby Notifications

Landing Page Builder

* Nearby Notifications are notifications on Android devices that don't require an app.

White Label Marketing Solution

Multi-user content builder with landing pages, forms, mailing lists and Nearby Notifications *.

Full source code, built with Laravel.

Pricing Online demo
Take a look at the Proximity App for iBeacon and Geo-fence features.

Online Demo

All features are available in the demo. Use the default login for the admin features, or register as a user.

Visit demo


Technical documentation for installation, configuration and customization.

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User Manual

Explanation on how to use the framework, and the working of certain features.

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Mobile First Responsive

Look good on all devices

All templates and blocks are responsive. This means they automatically adapt to the screensize of a device.

Eddystone beacons

Eddystone beacons

Send notifications to Android devices with Bluetooth Eddystone beacons. This way of marketing will become increasingly powerful as Google continues to integrate Eddystone features in the Android operating system.

Autoresponders and newsletters

Autoresponders and newsletters

Use the form fields as variables in the email editor to send automated emails like opt-in confirmation requests or newsletters to your lists.

Form builder

Form builder

Create forms with the easy-to-use form builder. Entries are saved in a list, so you can send opt-in emails or newsletters.

NowSquare Office 2015


A gradual learning curve. Point and click template elements with zero chance of messing up a layout. User friendliness and a good experience is key throughout the system.

Layout blocks

Layout blocks included

Easily add content to your landing pages with the many included pre-made blocks. You have full HTML control over each template, so you can tweak every detail to your needs.

Key features

  • One-off, flat fee for source code
  • No vendor lock-in
  • White label
  • Self-hosted
  • 6 months of updates and support included
  • Multi-user with registration and plan management
  • Multitenancy
  • Fully translatable (LTR)
  • Internationalized, multi-timezone
  • Trial memberships
  • Automated emails when trial ends or account expires
  • Stripe plans / subscriptions
  • Avangate recurring payment gateway
  • All templates, images and assets from demo included
  • Easily add your own Bootstrap 4 templates
  • Opt-in confirmation emails
  • Newsletters
  • Scheduled emails
  • Analytics for views, redemptions, locations and more
  • User friendly image and file management
  • Laravel 5.4
  • Full PHP source included
  • Bower, GulpJS, LESS and Sass files optionally included
  • Admin panel Bootstrap 3
  • Landing Pages Bootstrap 4
  • Front-end website included
  • vCards
  • Eddystone Nearby Notifications
  • Real-time analytics
  • Much more