Landing Framework


If you have purchased the framework with the JavaScript and CSS build files, you can modify the JavaScript files.


To modify the JavaScript files, gulp.js and Bower are required. Both of these packages require Node.js to be installed.

When these requirements are met, go with your CLI to the core/ directory. If you haven't installed the Node packages yet, type:

$ npm install

If you haven't downloaded the JavaScript libraries with Bower yet, type:

$ bower install

The directory core/bower_components with all JavaScript libraries will be created.

Compile JavaScripts

You can now concat and minify the JavaScripts by typing:

$ gulp scripts

See core/gulpfile.js for the tasks executed.

JavaScript files

The JavaScript files used by the platform can be found in the directory core/resources/assets/js/. Also, some files in the core/bower_components are included in the JavaScript files. All included files can be found in the file core/gulpfile.js.