Landing Framework

Set up and use Stripe

If you want to use Stripe, you first have to get the Stripe keys. Log into your Stripe account, click the API link and copy the Publishable key and Secret key.

Then, log into your Landing Framework installation as the owner, and go to Admin > Resellers > Edit reseller > Payment settings.

Select Stripe and paste the Publishable key and Secret key in the corresponding fields.

Config file

This step is optional, settings at Admin > Resellers > Edit reseller > Payment settings will override the config file

Optionally, you can enter the Stripe keys in the Landing Framework config file. In the core/.env file, paste the Publishable key at the STRIPE_KEY setting and the Secret key at the STRIPE_SECRET setting.

The configuration should look like this:



To make sure plans are updated automatically, add a webhook endpoint in your Stripe account (Developers > Webhooks > Add endpoint):

Replace with the (sub)domain of your installation.

Configure plans

Now we can add products to Stripe by going to Billing > Products > New. After creating a product you can enter an ID. This ID needs to match the Remote product id of a plan in the framework, which we will create next.

Once the product exists in Stripe, you can create a similar plan in the framework dashboard. Log in in as the Owner, then navigate to Admin > Plans. Create a new plan, and make sure the Remote product id is the same as the ID in Stripe.

Stripe currently does not support Annual plans.