Landing Framework

Landing page blocks

Landing page blocks can be found in the blocks/landingpages/ directory.

The subdirectories are the categories for the blocks, for example:

  • 01-headers
  • 02-columns
  • 03-content
  • 04-call_to_action
  • 05-photos
  • 06-video
  • 07-maps
  • 08-countdowns
  • 09-testimonials
  • 10-social
  • 20-footers

In these category directories there are php files that contain the html for the block, and associated png files with a screenshot of the block. For example the file 03-content\block-01-01.blade.php contains the html, and the file 03-content\block-01-01.en.png contains the screenshot of the block.

-x- classes

Blocks use regular html. Some elements can be made editable in the Landing Framework editor by applying css classes. More information on these -x- classes can be found at the Landing Page templates.

Clear cache

If you've updated the screenshot image, but you already viewed the block in the framework, you need to clear the cache in order to generate the updated screenshot. The cached images for landing page blocks can be found in the directory public\landingpages\blocks.