Landing Framework


Add a language

Each language has its own directory. In order to add a language, you need to copy the existing English (en) directories and rename the directory to the language abbreviation (e.g. es, de) you want to add.

Language directories can be found here, note that each module has its own set of translation files:

  • /core/resources/lang/en/
  • /core/Modules/[name_of_module]/Resources/lang/en/

You can define the name of the language in the /core/resources/lang/[your_language]/i18n.php file.

Update translation

Core system files like translation files will be overwritten with updates. To make translation changes which won't be overwritten, you can do the following.

Copy the translation file you want to update, and add -override before the .php extension. For example:




All translation strings in the -override file, will override the original translation. This -override file only has to contain the translation strings you want to change. It's not necessary to have all translations in this file. If a translation doesn't exist, the system will fallback to the original translation.