User Manual

Landing Framework


In order to manage resellers, you have to be logged in as the system owner.

Resellers can be accessed at Right top account dropdown > Admin > Resellers. A reseller can have his own domain and branding. Resellers must use the plan defined by the system owner. There can be only one list of plans because of complexity and business logic. If resellers want their own plans, it makes more sense to purchase another Landing Framework license.

Each reseller has one account owner who can view and manage all users who registered at the reseller's domain. Resellers can't delete users, or update user plans and expiration dates. This can only be done by the system owner to prevent unfair competition and a way for resellers to bypass plans.


In order to use this feature, the system owner needs to set up the reseller's domain with a wildcard DNS or regular DNS setting. The reseller points his or her domain's CNAME or A name to the server where the platform is installed.

Resellers are implemented to easily add extra domains to your installation. Resellers are not a fully implemented MLM affiliate system. Maybe their functionality will grow in the future, but this adds a certain complexity to the system that requires a lot of thought and testing.

Reseller limitations

Reseller payments

There is no automated subscription implemented for resellers, you have to invoice resellers yourself at the moment.


Resellers can not set up their own plans. They have to use the plans set by the system owner.


Resellers can not update expiration dates or plans of users, or delete users.

Payments for users of resellers

Resellers can set up their own payments, or leave it empty to use payment gateway of the main reseller (owner). If resellers have their own payment method, they receive full payments. There is no way to distribute a share to the system owner, compensations need to be discussed and processed separately from the system.


Currently, it's only possible with Avangate to set up resellers as affiliates. A reseller will have to sign up as an Avangate affiliate (, and use their affiiate id in the system.