User Manual

Landing Framework


Modules are business logic that can be used separately, and are shown in the system as menu items:

  • Landing Pages
  • Lists
  • Email Campaigns
  • Nearby Notifications
  • Proximity App / Scenarios
  • Proximity App / Beacons
  • Proximity App / Geofences


Modules can be activated for plans, and have certain limitations based on a plan. If you manage a plan (Admin > Plans > Edit plan), you can check which modules should be active, and the maximum of instances a plan allows. This way you can for example allow a maximum of 5 landing pages for a certain plan.

Disable modules

It's also possible to disable a module. Disabled modules won't show up anywhere in the system. Users won't be able to use a module, it won't show in the admin plan management and it won't show on the user plan selection page.

If a module is set inactive, no data will be lost. When the module is activated again, its content entered by users will be visible again.