Nearby Platform Installation

1. Contact details

Please enter the name and email address of the installation contact. Installation details (credentials) will be sent to this address.

2. Domain and name

We need a domain or subdomain.

The name of your service, you can change this later.

3. Digital Ocean

Log in to your Digital Ocean account, and create a team. Click your user icon at the right top, and choose "Create a team". Name the team after your business or domain, don't name it "NowSquare" because that's how it will show up in the NowSquare account.

Make sure you're in the team account, then set up a VPS ("Droplet"). Click "Create" (green button right top) and select "Droplets".

Choose the Ubuntu 18.04 x64 image. Choose any size you want, the script will run fine on a $5/mo droplet. You can always scale up later. You don't need to select any additional options. Of course it's wise to select the Backups option.

After you hit "Create", a mail is sent with the IP address and root password for the droplet. Please enter this information below.

4. DNS

We need to manage the DNS for the domain you've choosen. Go to the Digital Ocean team account you've created at step 3. Click the "Networking" tab, and add your domain. Then, go to your domain registrar and update the name servers as asked by Digital Ocean. They have tutorials on how to do this for the most common registrars.

Invite [email protected] as a team member so we can configure the DNS.

5. Server Pilot

Create a Server Pilot account, and get on the COACH plan. Enter the Server Pilot login information below.

6. Gitlab

Create a Gitlab account. We need the login to deploy the script.

7. Google Maps

8. Pusher

Create a Pusher app here: