Proximity App

Bluetooth beacons and geofences

Proximity App

Proximity Marketing with a Native Proximity App

Unique white label app for use with the Landing Framework. Trigger notifications based on proximity to beacons and locations.

Source code for Android and iOS*.

* The iOS app as-is will not get accepted by Apple iTunes because there is too little functionality according to their guide lines. It can be used as a starting point.

Online Demo

Log in to the Landing Framework demo and open the Proximity App menu.


Proximity App

Android App

In order to test the scenarios created in the Landing Framework demo, download the app below.

Download App

Landing Framework Proximity App

App concept

We have developed a simple, though flexible proximity concept. Think of it as a wallet to collect cards. A card is an image that links to a web page. This can be anything you put online. A ticket, coupon, loyalty card, or content. Whenever you enter or exit a beacon or geo-fence region, a push notification can be triggered. This notification opens the web page and shows the image in the app, so a user can view the web page at a later time. Or swipe it away.

With this approach you can use it for any type of business, and even mix multiple businesses in one app. It's up to your creativity.

Proximity App scenario builder

Bluetooth beacon and geofence scenarios

Manage scenarios that trigger notifications with the easy to use web dashboard. The app is compatible with all Bluetooth beacons that support the iBeacon protocol.

Xcode Swift | Android Studio

Android and iOS

The Android application is written in Java language in Android Studio environment and is a loosely integrated solution. The iOS application is written in Swift language in Xcode environment and is a tightly integrated solution.

The core location tracking, Bluetooth Low Energy scanning and Api service functionality is separated from the app's UI logic. All important aspects of functionality and logic are documented in code to give a solid understanding of how the app functions.

The project is self-explanatory and is easy to pick up. Developers can use the source code in 2 ways: either by modifying it their needs or importing the features into their application as a module and integrating with existing functionality.

The application is using a back-end service for synchronizing information with the server, meaning that the developer must provide an API endpoint and an authorization token to the system.

Key features

Create your own proximity marketing solution.

  • One-off, flat fee
  • Full source code included
  • Android and iOS version available
  • White label
  • Mutliple Landing Framework users in the same app
  • Economical for the battery
  • Geofences
  • Works with all beacons supporting the iBeacon protocol