Proximity App

Android app for beacons and geofences

Online Demo

Make sure to download the Android app here to test beacons and geofences.

Online Demo


Technical documentation for installation, configuration and customization.

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User Manual

Explanation on how to use the app, and how geofences and beacons behave in real life.

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Proximity App

White label app to use with the Landing Framework proximity modules.

With the Proximity App you can receive notifications and content from Bluetooth beacons and geofences. Branded with your — or your customer's — logo and name. You can sell a proximity app to each user of your Landing Framework installation. Currently the app is Android only.

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Landing Framework Proximity App

App concept

We have developed a simple, though extremely flexible proximity concept. Think of it as a wallet to collect cards. A card is an image that links to a web page. This can be anything you put online. A ticket, coupon, loyalty card, or content. Whenever you enter or exit a beacon or geo-fence region, a push notification can be triggered. This notification opens the web page and shows the image in the app, so a user can view the web page at a later time. Or swipe it away.

With this approach you can use it for any type of business, and even mix multiple businesses in one app. It's up to your creativity.

Layout blocks

Bluetooth beacon and geofence scenarios

Manage scenarios that trigger notifications with the easy to use web dashboard. The app is compatible with all Bluetooth beacons that support the iBeacon protocol. If you don't have any beacons, you can download one of the many apps that simulate a beacon.

Key features

Have your own proximity marketing solution.

  • One-off, flat fee for Android app
  • White label
  • Mutliple Landing Framework users in the same app
  • Economical for the battery
  • Geofences
  • Works with all beacons supporting the iBeacon protocol