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Pulse Platform

User manual

This manual will get you started with the Pulse Places proximity app. It will give you an understanding of how it works and what's possible.

Download the app

With the app you can view mobile sites (apps) and landing pages created with the Pulse Platform. There's an Android and iOS version available. More information on where to download the demo can be found here.

Create a scenario board

Before we can use beacons and receive notifications and trigger content with the app, read the platform quick start. Once you have created an app or landing page and linked it to a scenario board, with at least one beacon scenario, we can continue.

Open the Pulse Places app

The home screen of the app will show an overview of the main features. Click Places to see all bookmarked apps. An app is actually a mobile site with the look and feel of a native app or a landing page. A landing page is a responsive page suited for mobile, tablet and desktop.

Visit a platform generated app

To visit — and automatically bookmark — a place, you can either enter the url, scan a QR code generated with the proximity platform or enter a code. Once the app (mobile site) opens, the beacon and region (geofence) notification scenarios will load in the background. Provided that that if the app is recognized as an app from the proximity platform and has active scenario boards linked to it.


Visited apps are automatically bookmarked and can be deleted or opened at any time by clicking on the icon at the Places overview.

If a place is deleted, beacon and region scenarios (History) are also deleted.

Receive notifications

Places showing in the Places overview can trigger notifications or content based on your proximity to beacons.