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Pulse Platform

Avangate subscriptions configuration

Once you have registered an Avangate account and it has been approved, you can set up your IPC (Instant Payment Notification) and LCN (License Change Notification) URLs.

Login at Avangate and click Account settings at the top. At the System settings frame, click the button Edit system settings. At Instant Payment Notification, you wil see a secret key. Copy this key and paste it into the file local/app/config/production/avangate.php at the secret_key setting.

Click the IPN settings button. At the IPN URL field enter the URL (replace with your (sub)domain):

Make sure the settings are similar to this screenshot:

Avangate IPN settings

Then click the LCN settings tab and enter (replace with your (sub)domain) at the LCN URL field. Make sure the settings are similar to the screenshot below;

Avangate LCN settings