Pulse Platform

A brief introduction to payments and subscriptions

There are currently three ways to manage users and subscriptions.

1 Avangate

Avangate payments are a fully automated way to have recurring subscriptions. Payments and invoices are managed by Avangate.

In order to use this option, set /local/app/config/production/avangate.php active to true and /local/app/config/production/payment-gateways.php active to false.

2 Built-in subscriptions

Built-in subscriptions are a simple and easy way to manage accounts. See below for more information.

In order to use this option, set /local/app/config/production/avangate.php active to false and /local/app/config/production/payment-gateways.php active to true.

3 Manually

Maybe you offer the Pulse Platform as an additional service to some of your customers, and you charge them seperately. There's no need for an account.

In order to use this option, set /local/app/config/production/avangate.php active to false and /local/app/config/production/payment-gateways.php active to false.

Built-in subscriptions

Every user starts with a free account. People can upgrade for more options and if their period expires, they will fall back to the free account. Of course they can extend this period before or after expiration.

Payment gateway configuration

With the payment configuration you can configure how users can pay for their subscriptions. Bank Transfer is enabled by default.

Assuming that you have copied all configuration files from /local/app/config/production-config/ to /local/app/config/production/, the payment gateway settings can be found in the file /local/app/config/production/payment-gateways.php.

By default, you have to manually upgrade a subscription after a user has upgraded. The system owner will receive a mail notification. However, you can change this behaviour in /local/app/config/production/payment-gateways.php by setting auto_update_subscription to true. Now subscriptions will be upgraded when a user is going to make a payment. This upgrade will also take place if the user cancels the payment.

General settings

The email address you enter at admin_mail will receive a copy of payment confirmation mails sent to the users. If empty, this mail will default to the system's default email address is used. You can use multiple email addresses seperated with a comma (,).

Bank Transfer

With Bank Transfer you can let clients pay their invoice by bank. You will need to check manually if payments are received.


2Checkout requires that at least one shipping method exists in your account. You can create one by logging into your account and click the "Shipping" tab. Call it something like “Online Service” and don't enter a Tracking URL.

Sorting the payments

You can order the way payment gateways are shown in the system by reordering them in the configuration file.