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Pulse Platform

Piwik Installation

We recommend Digital Ocean and Server Pilot.

If you want analytics for the landing pages, you'll have to install You can install Piwik on the same server or on a different server or domain, but it's not possible to install it in the same directory or a subdirectory of the platform. The platform connects through Piwik's API. Please note the script currently supports the Piwik 2.x version.

After you've downloaded Piwik here and followed its installation instructions, you can login into your Piwik installation. The first time you will be asked to create a site to track. Fill in anything you want, it can be a non-existing domain because we'll never use this "root" site.

Now we're ready to get the API key. Click the user icon on the right top. Your personal settings will show with a menu on the left. In this menu there's an item API. Click this item and copy the key you see at &token_auth=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. You only need the 32 characters of the key (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx).

We'll enter the API key and the url of the installation at /local/app/config/production/piwik.php. If you've installed Piwik in a subdirectory, you must add the path to the installation, like

return array(

	| Piwik

	'url' => '',
	'key' => 'suKAbAS64zucutuFrazePhE8REFUswUr'