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Nearby Platform

White Label

Have the Nearby Platform on your own domain, with your own logo. Visitors sign up on your domain, use the free version and can upgrade to the Premium subscription whenever they are ready.

The only place where clients will see a reference to NowSquare, is on the invoice when purchasing a Premium subscription. This is required by the EU GDPR regulation, and it also makes it easy to accept payments without any hassle or waiting time.


An example website is It says NowSquare in the footer, but this will be replaced with your business name. The same goes for the Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, FAQ, and Contact pages. When visitors use the contact form, the email will be sent to the reseller.

Pricing and payments

A reseller Premium subscription will cost $20/mo for a client. We split this 50/50 after payment costs.

Every month we will send you a document with the sales balance. Payments are made by bank. Payouts require a balance of at least $100, and wire transfer costs are for the beneficiary.

The reseller is expected to sell at least a number of Premium subscriptions, and should have at least one active Premium subscription.

What do you need?


To start with, we need a domain name. The website will look exactly as If you want a custom website, you can use a subdomain name and link directly to the login page.

Add an A record to the domain that points to

Catchphrase, email address and business name

Finally we need a catchphrase like Notification without an app or Location Marketing, the email address you want to use for people contacting you and a name.


We need at least one vector (SVG) logo. One that's used on the top on the website:

NowSquare Location Marketing

And one that's used in the footer. It's also used in the footer of content pages when people use the free account:

NowSquare Location Marketing

How to proceed

Use the contact form to send us an email with the details below.

  • Domain
  • Business name
  • Email address
  • Catchphrase
  • Logo top
  • Logo footer (can be same as top logo)