Offline Analytics

Measure real life visitors, real-time

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GL-AR150 Mini Smart Router

No app required

Install our firmware on a compatible router. This router scans for Wi-Fi signals, and processes this data to useful analytics. Add as many routers as you want to get detailed heatmaps and gain insight into on how people move around.

Features and use cases

Understand how weather impacts visitor behavior, measure in-store routes, detect possible security breaches, and learn where to add sale units to maximize sales.

Offline analytics are useful for any brick and mortar business. Know the best time and place for deals, cross-selling, upselling, the best location for products and much more.

  • Real-time data
  • Heatmaps
  • Visitor duration
  • Visitor frequency
  • Temperature
  • Phone brands
  • In-store paths
  • City routes
  • Security
  • Discover visitor behaviors
  • Measure real life CTR
  • Analyze ad spots
  • Improve business intelligence
  • Create actionable insights