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Upgrade to Version 2

Due to the significant restructuring of Laravel 11 files and the nature of upgrading this script, it is not possible to make this update backwards compatible. Follow these steps to migrate to version 2:

  1. New Installation: Set up a new domain or subdomain to install version 2.

  2. Upload Files: Extract all files from the public_html directory inside the zip file, and upload them to the root directory of your new website.

  3. Copy Configuration File: Transfer the .env file from your existing installation to the new installation. Ensure the database settings in the .env file are correctly configured for the new environment. If you're using SQLite, copy the database/database.sqlite file. For MySQL, make sure the database settings are accurate.

  4. Transfer Public Files: Copy all files and directories from the public/files folder of your existing installation to the corresponding public/files folder in the new installation. This includes any user-uploaded content and other essential public files.

  5. Verify Installation: Check that everything is functioning correctly. Ensure all data is complete and the application is working as expected. This includes testing all major features and verifying that the data has been correctly migrated.

  6. Update DNS Settings: Once you have verified that the new installation is working correctly, update the DNS settings. Remove the DNS settings of your old installation and configure the DNS to point to the new domain or subdomain where the new installation resides.

By following these steps, you can successfully migrate to version 2, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal downtime and data loss.