Business Services

Consultancy and development
Unit R&D rate
1 hour $150 USD
1 day $1,000 USD
1 week $4,200 USD
1 month $12,000 USD

Consultancy and development

Nearby Platform

If you have a considerable user base and you're interested in reselling the Nearby Platform white label, we can discuss this. The process to set this up requires some time, so it's only interesting if you already have an audience.

Landing Framework

Selling the source code from high end SaaS scripts for a low price is a small niche business. The Landing Framework alone cost over one year of research, development and design. Developing a product like this exclusively would cost more than $150,000. That's why we can't include personal consultancy or development for the prices mentioned on the website.

Our exact rates depend on the type of project and cooperation. Take a look at the table to get an idea of our rates. The minimum time frame for development is one day.