Reward Loyalty Dokumentation

Admin Overview

The admin dashboard is the control center for administrators and managers. To start, access the admin dashboard at /en-us/admin on your domain, such as (demo).

Reward Loyalty Relationships Diagram


As an administrator, you possess full authority over the entire system. This includes the capability to appoint additional administrators and managers.


Managers are primarily responsible for bringing onboard new partners. These partners could be businesses or individual enterprises interested in creating their loyalty cards. While managers can access partners within their assigned network, they cannot interact with those beyond their network.


Networks serve as an organizational framework, grouping together managers and partners. Invisible to regular website users, networks are a way to categorize, making it easier to differentiate between entities like shopping centers, geographical regions, or specific brands.

Within a network, managers are authorized to establish new partners. These partners can then proceed with creating loyalty cards.


Administrators can view, edit or delete any registered website member. This includes a list of all loyalty cards that members have interacted with.