Reward Loyalty Dokumentation

Setting Up Partners

Log in as an admin through the link, /en-us/admin (demo). Your primary role is to set up new partners.

Partner Dashboard

Once a partner is created, they can sign in to their dashboard at /en-us/partner (demo) using the login details you provided. Here, partners can craft their loyalty cards and onboard staff members. For detailed steps on creating a loyalty card, visit this link.

Partners can then share their loyalty card link or the associated QR code, allowing members to earn points.

Displaying Loyalty Cards on the Homepage

During partner creation or editing, there's an option labeled Can display cards on homepage. When activated, this lets the partner display their loyalty cards on the homepage with the Visible on homepage setting. For more details, click here.

If deactivated, members can only access the loyalty cards through a direct link or QR code.