Reward Loyalty documentatie

Technology Stack

This project employs the following frameworks and technologies:


  • PHP: Version 8.2.0 or higher
  • Framework: Laravel (Version 11.x)
  • Supported Databases:
    • SQLite: Version 3.9 or above
    • MySQL: Version 5.7 or above
    • MariaDB: Version 10.3 or above


  • CSS Framework: Tailwind CSS (Version 3.x)
  • Components: Flowbite (Version 1.x) - A component library for Tailwind CSS
  • UI Kit: Tailwind Elements (Version 1.x) - Open-source UI components


  • Packaging: NPM Vite - Used for bundling JavaScript and CSS

For a detailed list of PHP libraries, refer to the composer.json file located in the root directory. For JavaScript libraries, please check the package.json file.