Documentación de Reward Loyalty

Member Overview

Members, also known as customers, are the sole user group with the ability to sign up independently. They can easily register and log into the system via the homepage (demo).

The homepage can be visualized as a wallet where members can collect loyalty cards and save for rewards.

Homepage Display Options

Default View

Upon installation, the homepage appears empty, as shown below.

Empty Homepage

Acquiring Loyalty Cards

The design intent is for users to collect loyalty cards by scanning QR codes. Since there is no centralized list of businesses with available loyalty cards, this provides significant flexibility in including different businesses within the system without those businesses knowing about each other. These could be competitors or businesses that otherwise do not want to be associated with each other.

Members will only add loyalty cards for the QR codes they encounter in their daily lives, whether on a menu, window display, advertisement, or business card.

Visible on Homepage

There is also a feature allowing partners to set their loyalty cards to be visible by default on the homepage. This can be advantageous if one company uses the platform and wants all of its loyalty cards to be immediately visible on the homepage. You can also give only certain partners the privilege of showing their loyalty cards.

If one or more loyalty cards are visible on the homepage by default, a member will see something like the image below when they visit the website.

Loyalty cards visible by default