Documentación de Reward Loyalty


Reward Loyalty is designed for both multiple businesses (partners) and single businesses that need a digital savings card solution.

At its core, Reward Loyalty is a digital loyalty reward system. But think of it also as a modern version of treasure hunting.

Every company offers unique QR codes which lead to their loyalty cards. When you, as a member, scan a QR code, the associated loyalty card is revealed. It's only added to your personal "wallet" – the main page of our system – when you either follow that card or start collecting points on it.

The magic is in the flexibility. You can be a loyal customer of one company or of many companies and collect points from one or from several companies, all stored in the same wallet. And here's the privacy advantage: these companies know nothing about each other on our platform.

Whether you're a stand-alone company looking to offer loyalty cards, or a conglomerate of companies looking to share a universal rewards platform, Reward Loyalty has you covered. Plus, with access to the full source code, tech-savvy users can customize the system for specific needs. Dive in and discover a world where loyalty truly pays off!

Technical Guide

This guide is designed to take you through the essential steps to get your Reward Loyalty system operational:

For a seamless experience, it is recommended that you have a basic understanding of Laravel and general hosting principles. In addition, make sure your server meets the requirements for this Laravel application.

For assistance or if you face any challenges, please consult our Support Page.

User Manuals

Go deeper into specific functionalities with our comprehensive user guides:

  • Understand administrative features with the Admin Manual.
  • Encourage collaboration with partners using the Partner Manual.
  • Equip your staff for efficient operations using the Staff Manual.
  • Guide members in maximizing loyalty benefits using the Member Manual.