Reward Loyalty 문서

Utilizing Loyalty Cards: How Do Members Use Loyalty Cards?

Once a member discovers a loyalty card they wish to collect points with, they can select the Start saving for rewards button. This action bookmarks the loyalty card and displays it on the homepage for the logged-in member. Note that an account is required to follow a loyalty card.

The Start saving for rewards button is only visible for cards that aren't already set to be visible on the homepage by default. If a member earns points for a loyalty card, that card will automatically appear on the homepage.

Accumulating Points

To gather points, members present their loyalty card containing a QR code that can be scanned by staff. Staff then input the member's purchase amount, and the system calculates the points based on the specific card's rules. Members can view these rules under the Rules tab located beneath the card.

Members receive an email with the points they have earned (this feature is disabled on the demo) and can view the transaction in the History tab under the card.

Redeeming a Reward

Once members have collected sufficient points to claim a reward—indicated by a green dot appearing next to eligible rewards—they can select the reward and press the Claim reward button. This action generates a QR code for the member to show to staff at the venue.

Staff can process the reward and claim it on their dashboard. The system then deducts the corresponding points from the member's account. Members receive an email outlining the transaction details (this feature is disabled on the demo), and they can review the transaction in the History tab beneath the card.

How Does the Redeeming of Points Work?

Points are redeemed on a first-in, first-out basis. This means that points earned from the oldest transactions, which have the shortest expiration date, are used first in a redemption process.

Points from a single transaction may be partially used depending on the number of points needed for a particular reward. This allows members to maximize the use of their points and minimize potential waste.

Each set of earned points has its own expiration date, determined by the date (timestamp) of the transaction that earned the points. The countdown to expiration begins from this date, making it imperative for members to keep track of their points and redeem them on time to get the most out of their participation in the loyalty program.