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Support Guidelines

We encourage you to thoroughly investigate issues before reaching out for support. For general log analysis, consider using ChatGPT as a resource.

Questions about database setup or installing PHP extensions should be directed to your hosting provider.

Support Protocol

To manage support efficiently and keep track of inquiries, please adhere to these rules:

  1. One Question Per Ticket: For every issue, open a new support ticket. This helps us track and solve issues better and shows Envato how much support is needed. Please don't put many questions in one ticket or add new ones to ongoing emails.

  2. Clear and Detailed Queries: Describe your issue in detail. Videos are less preferred than a step-by-step written description.

Scope of Support

Please note that support does not extend to customizations, consultancy, or assistance with development-related issues. Our focus is on helping you resolve specific problems related to the standard functionality of the script.

Common Issues and Troubleshooting

Many common problems are addressed in the troubleshooting guide.

500 Error

This is the most frequent error. If you encounter a 500 error:

  1. Check the Log: Inspect storage/logs/laravel.log for error details. The log may seem complex, but often the issue is identifiable at a glance. If you're unsure, ChatGPT can be a helpful tool for interpreting log entries.

  2. Email Configuration Issues: Errors occurring during member registration, partner creation in the admin dashboard, or staff member creation in the partner dashboard are often related to incorrect email configuration. Please consult the email configuration guide for more information.

  3. Script-Related Errors: If the error seems to be script-related and beyond your capacity to resolve, please submit a support message with the relevant log details.

Describing Steps to Reproduce the Issue

For issues not behaving as expected:

  1. Step-by-Step Description: Provide a detailed sequence of steps you took, what occurred, and what you expected to happen. For example:

    1. Log in to the Partner dashboard.
    2. Navigate to "Staff" and click on "Add new item".
    3. Fill in the necessary details and click "Create".
    4. A 500 error is displayed.

This sequence provides a clear and concise description of the steps leading to the issue, making it easier for support to diagnose and resolve the problem.

  1. Submit a Detailed Query: Once you've documented the steps, submit this information via a support ticket.

Reporting Bugs

Software inevitably has bugs, and Reward Loyalty is no exception. If you encounter a bug, we are here to help. Please send a detailed support ticket outlining the issue.