Reward Loyalty Documentation

Email Configuration

Setting Up Email Configuration

During the initial installation, you will be asked to enter your email settings. If you want to change these settings later, you can do so in the .env file in the root of your web directory.

Here is the section in the .env file dedicated to email configurations:

# =============================================================================
# Mail Settings
# =============================================================================

MAIL_FROM_ADDRESS="[email protected]"

Resolving Registration Email Issues

Sometimes emails are flagged as spam because of specific content, such as long URLs. If you notice that registration emails are not being received, it is worth checking the configuration of the registration email links.

In your .env file, look for:

# Enables an automatic login link in the registration email for members.
# Beware: Some email providers may flag such emails as spam. If facing deliverability issues, set to "false".

If you cannot find this setting, feel free to add it. To combat the spam flag problem, you can disable the automatic login link by setting its value to false:


By making this adjustment, the email provider sending your emails will be less likely to mark them as spam.