Reward Loyaltyドキュメント

Support Guidelines

500 Error

This is the most frequent error. If you encounter a 500 error:

  1. Check the Log: Inspect storage/logs/laravel.log for error details. The log may seem complex, but often the issue is identifiable at a glance. If you're unsure, tools like ChatGPT, Gemini, and Claude can help interpret log entries.
  2. Email Configuration Issues: Errors during member registration, partner creation in the admin dashboard, or staff member creation in the partner dashboard are often related to incorrect email configuration. Please consult the email configuration guide for more information.
  3. Script-Related Errors: If the error seems script-related and beyond your capacity to resolve, please submit a support message with the relevant log details.

If you don't know how to proceed, submit your issue via a support ticket.

Reporting Bugs

Software inevitably has bugs, and Reward Loyalty is no exception. If you encounter a bug, we are here to help. Please send a support ticket outlining the issue.

Scope of Support

Please note that support does not extend to customizations, consultancy, or assistance with development-related issues. Our focus is on helping you resolve specific problems related to the standard functionality of the script.