The Art of Lead Generation

The Revolution of Lead Generation

Publish the best landing pages and generate leads with Automatic Follow-ups in minutes!

Simple landing pages

If you want to make your business successful online, you need a good landing page. With the right landing page, you can generate a large number of leads in no time at all. NowSquare helps you to create the best landing page to maximize your online success.

Fast lead generation

With the right lead management you will not only be able to draw the attention of potential customers to your company, but also to turn as many of these potential customers as possible into new customers. NowSquare shows you the way to fast and successful lead generation!

Automatic email follow-ups

In order to turn potential customers into new customers, you need follow-up emails. With NowSquare, you save a lot of work and time by having your follow-up emails sent automatically.

Create landing page in minutes

Landing Pages are the first step to your marketing success! If created correctly, your landing page will not only help you to attract new prospective customers, but also new paying customers and increase your turnover.

You lack the time or perhaps the technical know-how to create your landing page on your own? No problem, with NowSquare your first successful landing page can be created in minutes!

Generate new leads

With NowSquare, you can lay the foundation for generating new leads quickly and efficiently in just a few minutes. NowSquare helps you not only to generate as many leads as possible, but also to find leads that are as qualified as possible.

So to find exactly those prospective customers who are most likely to become new customers.

Automatic email follow-ups

With NowSquare, you can create your follow-up emails within minutes. NowSquare automatically sends the mails at the right time.

Choose from which of our newsletter designs suits you best and send your optimized newsletter with one mouse click.

Winning new customers has never been easier

Powerful functions, developed for the growth-oriented companies of the future.

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Create and publish new customer campaigns in a few minutes

With our prescribed and conversion-optimized templates, you can create and publish your first campaign after just a few minutes.

No design or programming skills required

NowSquare takes care of the design, programming and hosting, create your own funnels. So you have more time for your business.

Accelerate your customer growth

Digital funnels are the easiest way to turn visitors into new customers. We've been experimenting for years to save you this work.

Simply measure the results

Thanks to our built-in analytics system, you always know how your funnels perform. You can also integrate analytics software of your choice to stay informed about the results.


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