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Marketing & SEO Agencies

Our products are extremely useful for marketing and SEO agencies. Add value to your services. Create professional landing page campaigns and provide beacon and geofence solutions to your customers.

Get a head start with development

Tech & Development Agencies

Save yourself thousands of hours of development for the price of a couple of days. You get full access to the source code, and can modify anything you want to suit your needs. Or hire a developer for customizations.

Increase your market value with additional services

Creative & Design Agencies

One installation for all your customers. Easily add your own Bootstrap 4 templates, layouts and designs. Pay us for installation, outsource to your favorite tech partner or do it yourself.

Explore new opportunities to make money

Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

Start your own proximity business with Eddystone Nearby Notifications, iBeacons and geo-fences, or use our tools to promote your - or your customers' - existing products and services.