Reward Loyaltyドキュメント

Modifying HTML


The HTML content is organized in the resources/views folder. These files are structured as views, which are a crucial part of the Laravel framework and define the HTML markup sent to the client's web browser.

For an in-depth understanding of working with views, please refer to the official Laravel documentation on views.

Organization of Views

The views are sorted into categories that correspond to the different user roles in the system, making it easy to locate and modify the HTML for specific parts of the application:

  • Admin views: resources/views/admin
  • Member views: resources/views/members
  • Staff views: resources/views/staff
  • Partner views: resources/views/partner

Master Layouts

Within each of these role-specific folders, you will find a master layout file named layouts/default.blade.php. This master layout serves as the template for the dashboard and contains elements common to all views within that role. By modifying the master layout, you can make dashboard-wide changes to the HTML structure.