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Upgrade to a New Version

Check Your Current Version

To determine your current version, sign in as an admin at The version number is displayed on the dashboard. You can also refer to the version.txt file included in the provided zip file.

Admin Dashboard

Upgrade Procedure

1. Find the Upgrade Files: In the zip you've received, open the upgrade folder. Inside, you'll see various zip files with names like upgrade-x.x.x-to-[version].zip.

2. Pick the Right File: Choose the upgrade file matching your current version of the script. If the version you have is older than the one in the zip's name, then you should use that zip.

3. Unzip and Replace: Take the contents from the right upgrade-x.x.x-to-[version].zip and replace the old files in your script's main directory.

Important: Always start with the zip file closest to your current version. After that, use the next zip file in the sequence, and keep going till you reach the latest version.


Scenario A: You are currently using version 1.5.0 of the script:

  • Start by unzipping
  • Next, unzip
  • Continue this pattern until you've applied all the upgrade files up to the latest version.

Scenario B: Your current version is 1.16.1:

  • Begin with
  • You can skip the earlier files, as they're for versions older than yours.

Scenario C: You are at version 1.8.5:

  • Start with
  • Then, unzip
  • Continue in order till the latest version.

Do It In Order

Sequence is key! If you're using more than one zip file, make sure to upload them in the right order. If you mix them up:

  1. Restart with the Right Order: Go back to the beginning and upload the files in the correct sequence.

  2. Alternative Way – Re-upload 'public_html' Folder: If you don't want to start from scratch, simply re-upload every file from the public_html folder. Doing this won't lose any data. Do not delete files first, just overwrite all files.

Remember: Take it step by step, ensuring every file from each zip is properly uploaded before moving on to the next one. This way, your upgrade process will be smooth.

Database Update

1. Log In: After updating the files, log in as an admin at

2. Look for Update Prompt: If your database requires an update, a message will show: "An update is required for your database. Click here to apply the update.". Click on this prompt to carry out the necessary database updates.

Always check for database synchronization after every upgrade. Non-updated database migrations could lead to functional issues or errors.

Admin Dashboard