Tài liệu Reward Loyalty

Designing Your Loyalty Card

Before You Begin

1. Club Creation

Start by ensuring you have at least one club set up. Clubs help organize cards and delineate staff roles. While clubs are not visible on the website, staff can only use cards that belong to their club.

2. Reward Setup

A loyalty card needs rewards. Before creating your card, make sure you have designed rewards that members can earn points for.

Constructing Your Loyalty Card

Date Settings

Assign a clear issue and expiration date to each card to ensure customers know the lifespan of their cards. This ensures that the card remains active only within this defined time frame.

The difference between an inactive and expired card is important to note. An inactive card is not visible to any member or through a link on the website, while an expired card remains visible with the label Expired to maintain historical reference. Members can still see expired cards in their wallets.

Display Options

Highlight your card by toggling on the Visible on homepage setting, making it easily accessible from the main page. For a more exclusive approach, leave this option off; this way, your card is reachable only through its QR code or dedicated link.

For more on this feature's accessibility, check out this guide.

Rule Configuration

Set up your card rules to define the currency and method for calculating points on each purchase. This clarity streamlines the process for staff, enabling them to effortlessly record purchase amounts. Additionally, consider offering members bonus points with their first purchase as a welcome gesture.


The design of a card should match the essence of your brand. If you use a background image, adjust the Background color opacity. An opacity of 100 means a solid background that hides your image from view. Choose a more translucent background to showcase your image better.