Tài liệu Reward Loyalty

Managing Members in the Partner Dashboard


The Partner Dashboard provides insights into the members that staff have engaged with over the past year. To view these interactions, navigate to Users > Members.

Member Interactions

Within the member list, there is a specific column labeled Loyalty Cards. This column displays all the loyalty cards associated with the partner that the member has interacted with.

Reverting the Latest Transaction

When selecting a particular card from the Loyalty Cards column, a button labeled Delete last transaction becomes visible. Clicking this button will undo the last transaction associated with that loyalty card. It's essential to note:

  • This action is irreversible.
  • A transaction can either be the issuance of points or the claim of a reward.
  • If a claimed reward's transaction is reversed, the points used for that particular reward will also be reverted. This might impact one or several preceding transactions.